Low-power versatile all-in-one transceiver

SilverWings is a versatile all-in-one transceiver product designed for a diverse set of applications, including wireless radios, satellite communication, repeaters, Fixed-wireless access devices, user equipment, medical devices, and instrumentation. SilverWings is especially differentiated due to its innovative conversion methodology that allows multiple programmable Analog and Digital stages to achieve maximum performance with minimum power consumption and integration complexity.

A key benefit of SilverWings is high level of integration and versatility, covering full set of digital to RF and RF to digital functionalities. It includes RF gain stages for Fast Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and digital features such as DPD, DUC, and DDC. The innovative and programmable multi-stage conversion design allows flexible system customization based on frequency, bandwidth, and specifications, ensuring optimal performance.

The Digital-IF conversion methodology leads to eliminating the need to perform complex calibration steps that compensates for IQ imbalance and LO leakage, thus leading to fast adaptation and system design. The Ultra-low power usage of Arctic’s designs is leading to SilverWings offering multiple functionalities in one product with 60% lower power consumption comparing to equivalent solutions

Quad Tx/Rx

Quad Tx/Rx with 2 Observation paths

600MHz to 7.2GHz

Wide-band RF ports

Digital IQ

Interface with Baseband SoC

Fast Control Interface

Up to 400Mbps speed for control interface

Analog RF Gain

Up to 72dB Analog controllable RF gain

IQ Calibration

eliminated using Digital IF methodology


Digital Front End

RF Data Convertors

Analog Filter

Analog Mixers

RF Gain


Integrated Functionalities

Reducing cost by offering integrated features such as receive controllable RF gain enabling Fast AGC and digital blocks such as Digital Pre-Distortion, DUC and DDC leading to smaller form factors and feasible solutions

Lower Power Consumption

Accelerate deployment of radios for 5G by offering integrated chipsets that has 60% lower power consumption comparing to equivalent products

Seamless Deployment

The innovative methodology employed in SilverWings significantly streamlines system development by eliminating various calibration steps, reducing both time and complexity resulting in faster product development and lower deployment costs.

Integrated DPD

Linearization of high efficiency Wide-band PA especially in mMIMO applications resulting in manageable RU power consumption.

High Performance

Complying with 5G NR specifications and offering superior performance in signal quality, noise, linearity, and power consumption due to the inherently innovative architecture.

Intra-Band Multi-Carrier

Integrated DDC and DUC to support multiple Intra-band aggregation.

FR1 And FR2 if Convergence

Single transceiver that supports both types of front ends

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