Low-power high performance analog transceiver

As part of Arctic Semiconductor’s suite of world’s first multi-standard ultra-wide-band RF transceivers, IceWings’s quad-channel supports all 5G/4G bands operating from 600MHz up the frequency of 7.2GHz as well as WiFi 6/6e/7 bands. IceWings’s multi-standard feature design provides much needed design flexibility and scalability to customers and manufacturers.

Quad Tx/Rx

Analog RF technology

Analog IQ

Interface with Baseband SoC

600MHz to 7.2GHz

Wide-band single-ended RF ports

Programmable BW

Enabling diverse applications

Wide Band

4 Rx Paths

Can be used for observation reducing complexity in TDD modes



Low Phase noise fractional synthesizers supporting TDD, FDD and two 2×2 in TDD

Reduces the number of RF switches in multi band designs

Integrated LNA and Pre-amplifiers

FR1 support: 5/10/20/40/80/100/160/200/400 MHz Channel BW

FR2 support: : 400MHz, IF frequency 3.3GHz-7.12GHz


Power consumption

Lowest power consumption with highest level of integration, accelerating the deployment of 5G.

Multi-standard support

Support for a wide range of wireless standards with a flexible scalable interface design.


Programmable BW for various FR1 and FR2 applications including small cells, private networks, Enterprises, IoT, and macro cells.


Complying with 5G NR, WiFi, WiFi 6/7 and 4G LTE specifications and offering superior performance in signal quality, noise, linearity, and power consumption due to the inherently innovative architecture.

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